RIVETS Standard Open - Tri-State Fasteners
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RIVETS Standard Open - Tri-State Fasteners


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RIVETS Standard Open

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Part #PriceBody/Mandrel MaterialDiameterGrip Min.Grip Max.Style
Add MCAB3-2 to Cart MCAB3-2 MCAB3-2
Add MCAB3-2A to Cart MCAB3-2A MCAB3-2A
Add MCAB3-4 to Cart MCAB3-4 MCAB3-4
Add MCAB3-4A to Cart MCAB3-4A MCAB3-4A
Add MCAB4-2A to Cart MCAB4-2A MCAB4-2A
Add MCAB4-3 to Cart MCAB4-3 MCAB4-3
Add MCAB4-3A to Cart MCAB4-3A MCAB4-3A
Add MCAB4-4 to Cart MCAB4-4 MCAB4-4
Add MCAB4-4A to Cart MCAB4-4A MCAB4-4A
Add MCAB4-4AV to Cart MCAB4-4AV MCAB4-4AV
call for price MCAB4-5 MCAB4-5
Add MCAB4-5A to Cart MCAB4-5A MCAB4-5A
Add MCAB4-6 to Cart MCAB4-6 MCAB4-6
Add MCAB4-6A to Cart MCAB4-6A MCAB4-6A
call for price MCAB4-8 MCAB4-8
Add MCAB4-8A to Cart MCAB4-8A MCAB4-8A
Add MCAB5-12A to Cart MCAB5-12A MCAB5-12A
Add MCAB5-2A to Cart MCAB5-2A MCAB5-2A
Add MCAB5-3A to Cart MCAB5-3A MCAB5-3A
Add MCAB5-4A to Cart MCAB5-4A MCAB5-4A
Add MCAB5-6 to Cart MCAB5-6 MCAB5-6
call for price MCAB5-6A MCAB5-6A
Add MCAB6-10A to Cart MCAB6-10A MCAB6-10A
Add MCAB6-12A to Cart MCAB6-12A MCAB6-12A
call for price MCAB6-16A MCAB6-16A

:  1, 2, 3

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