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Fully Threaded Studs

Full Thread Studs of All Grades and Finishes.


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3/8-16X1-3/4 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

3/8-16X2 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

3/8-16X2-1/4 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

3/8-16X2-1/2 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

3/8-16X3 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

3/8-16X4 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

3/8-16X6 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

7/16-20X3 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

7/16-20X5 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

1/2-13X2 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

1/2-13X2-1/4 F.T. STUD A193 B7 CAD PLATED (OVERALL)

1/2-13X2-1/4 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

1/2-13X2-1/4 B-7 STUD Z (OVERALL)

1/2-13X2-1/2 B-7 STUD P (OVERALL)

1/2-13X2-1/2 B-7 STUD Z (OVERALL)


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